Admission for International Students

1. Who may apply as an International student?

Those except who hold citizenship of Taiwan, including overseas Taiwanese citizens or compatriot students, may apply as an international student. Please see the note below:
Note: Based on Taiwan (ROC) citizenship regulation, Article 2, A person who meets the following subparagraphs is a Taiwan (ROC) citizen
1. One parent must be a Taiwanese citizen when a person is born
2. For a person born with deceased parent(s), one parent must be a Taiwanese citizen at the time of death.
3. A person is born in the territory of Taiwan (Republic of China).
4. A person who is a naturalized Taiwanese citizen.
Preceding subparagraph 1 and subparagraph 2 apply to a person who is a minor at the time of the revision and promulgation of this Act.

2. Application Timelines

Please refer to the Important Date on Office of International Affairs.

3. A complete application package consists of:

a. An application form (including a statement of study plan, written in Chinese or English).
b. A photocopy of the diploma of one’s highest degree and transcripts, translated into Chinese or English and notarized at an overseas Taiwanese Government Agency/Embassy. Those who are graduating later this academic year may submit a certificate states their forthcoming graduation.
c. GMAT or GRE score is required for admission to MBA or Ph.D. Program in the College of Management. GMAT Code:B94-D9-72  GRE Code:8715
d. Two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes.

For admission to undergraduate program, an additional letter indicating the language proficiency from a Chinese language instructor is required.
*Lecture for undergraduate is mainly given in Mandarin Chinese; it is highly recommended that applicants for undergraduate programs to be proficient in Mandarin, particularly in speaking and listening.
e. A statement of sufficient financial support, notarized at an overseas Taiwanese Government Agency/Embassy.
f. A photocopy of passport or other equivalent supporting documents.
g. Other documents may be required by certain departments or graduate schools.

Admission Notices will be mailed to admitted applicants six weeks prior to the registration date.

Academic Year 2021-2022 Admission Guidelines for International Degree Students