Our graduate program in literature offers in-depth coursework and academic research opportunities that build on the foundational training in English language skills and literature analyses offered in undergraduate programs. Our overarching goals are to continue to nurture students’ critical reasoning and English language competence beyond the undergraduate level and to empower future professionals to contribute to their chosen fields of expertise.

The Graduate Institute of Literature originally focused on cultural studies with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary and creative nature of humanities research. In recent years, the Institute’s research interests have broadened to include literary theory, visual culture, gender studies, and interdisciplinary humanities research, while exploring their interfaces with a wide range of diverse texts.


Pin-chia Feng Dean Anthony Brink Kien Ket Lim Chia-yi Lee
Chung-Hao Richard Ku Karen Ya-Chu Yang Hsin-yu Hu Sanders Creasy

NYCU Asian American Studies Center 

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University’s Asian American Studies Center was established in 2016 with the aim to serve as a platform for intra– and inter-collegian academic cooperation. We at the Center is committed to promoting Asian American studies on the NYCU campus to establish the Center as the premier site of scholarship in Asian American studies domestically and internationally. In addition to creating the Center’s website, connecting with centers of Asian American studies globally, offering courses, organizing international conferences and symposiums, circulating e-newsletters, the Center plans to publish a leading journal in the field in the very near future.

NYCU Film Studies Center and Theater

The NYCU Cinema for the Arts is located at Room 326 of HA Building 2. It belongs to the Office of Academic Affairs and is managed by Film Studies Center, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Cinema was established in 2004 with the purchase of two film projectors. In 2014, a new DCP projector was installed (the model chosen is the American made Solaria One, manufactured by Christie, the leading brand in digital film projection), and was soon in 2017 equipped with a CP-650 Dolby system of digital surround sound, upgrading the place to a standard theatre for film exhibition. Ever since 2006, faculty at the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department have curated arthouse films each semester to promote film culture on campus.