(03)571-2121 ext. 58115
Humanities Bldg. 3, R415


University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Ph.D., Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

March 2003

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Dissertation research, Japanese literature and history. Autumn 1994 – Spring 1996.

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

M.A., Comparative Literature, 1989. B.A., English Literature, 1987.

Academic Positions

Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

August 2015 – present

Associate Professor, English Department. Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan

January 2013 – July 2015

Assistant Professor, English Department. Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan

September 2008 – December 2012

Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature. Tzu Chi University, Hualian, Taiwan

August 2007 – July 2008

Assistant Professor, English Department. National Taichung University, Taichung,


August 2006 – July 2007

Assistant Professor and Chair, Japanese Studies Minor. Also taught writing and literature courses in the English department. Saint Martin’s University, Lacey, Washington

August 2000 – June 2006

Administration and Service

Community and College Service


Library Committee Member, Saint Martin’s University

January 2001 – August 2004

Academic Standards Committee Member, Saint Martin’s University

January 2001 – 2006

An Arts Commissioner, City of Tacoma

January 2002 – August 2004

Organize and emcee monthly poetry readings at Antique Sandwich Co., Tacoma.

May 2003 – May 2004

Faculty Senate, Saint Martin’s University

August 2005 – 2006

Volunteer Japanese-English translator, Taiwan Museum of Art (國立臺灣美術館) October 2006 – July 2007

Student Affairs Committee, National Taichung University

October 2006 – July 2007

Produce and Train Students for Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest,” performed June 6, 2007, National Taichung University

December 2006 – June 2007

Service at Tamkang University


September 2010 – July 2015 At various times I have:

served on the Academic Standards Committee

organized conferences (as primary coordinator or on the selection committee or writing the title and call for paper, revising materials)

administered entrance interviews (graduate program)
trained students for poetry recitation contests at Wenzao University judged poetry recitation contests at Tamkang
revised translations for school English newspaper
served as advisor for a senior drama production
proofread documents for the office of the president
introduced guest speakers and entertained them
served on the editorial board and editor of the Tamkang Review

Service at National Chiao Tung University

  • Committee Member, Student Affairs Committee (August 2015 – present)
  • Director, Film Studies Center (2017 calendar year)Recent Editorial ServiceEditorial Board Member
  • NTU Studies in Language and Literature (2015–present)
  • Tamkang Review (2016–present)Journals for which I have conducted anonymous peer review
  • PMLA(PublicationsoftheModernLanguageAssociationofAmerica)(USA)
  • Mosaic:ajournalfortheinterdisciplinarystudyofliterature(Canada)
  • Asian Studies Review
  • Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Neohelicon
  • Tamkang Review
  • NTU Studies in Language and LiteratureLinguistic CompetenciesModern and classical Japanese: near-native speaking, reading and writing. Mandarin Chinese: advanced speaking, reading and writing.
    French, Spanish and classical Chinese: reading.Curatorial Work

    I am curating an experimental film/video art series for Fall 2017: Blue Magpie Experimental Film Series/Taiwan (September – December 2017)

    Creative Writing

    My poetry in English has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous journals and anthologies, including the Columbia Poetry Review (US), Cordite Poetry Review (Australia), Ecozon@ (Spain), Exquisite Corpse (US), Going Down Swinging (Australia), New Writing (UK), Nimrod (USA), Noon, Portland Review (USA) and many other journals as well as the anthologies In Protest: 150 Poems for Human Rights (2013), Flame Trees Are in Blossom (2015), and on my blog, Taiwan Scooter Poet ( I also compose tanka in Japanese with local writing groups, publishing in Taiwan kadan (biannually), Atlas Poetica, and elsewhere.

    My science fiction short fiction has appeared in Helios Quarterly Magazine (“The Migration”), Seit und Werden (“The Last Testament of a Pacifist in Tokyo, 2047”), Every Day Fiction “Mr. Coffee”), and the speculative fiction anthology Incarceration (“The San Francisco Fun House”).

    I also translate works by Taiwanese and Japanese poets for publication in literary journals such as Transference and MetaDada as well as in my many research articles and pending monograph.

    Film Directing

    Horizons of the Rising Sun: Postcolonial Nostalgia and Politics in the Taiwan Tanka Association Today (2017).


Selected Recent Publications


Japanese Poetry and Its Publics: From Colonial Taiwan to 3.11. London: Routledge, 2018.

Articles and book chapters

“Sustaining Jouissance: Commercial and Heian Intertexts in Tawara Machi’s Tanka,” positions: east asia cultures critique 16(3), Winter 2008: 629-659.

“John Ashbery’s ‘37 Haiku’ and the American Haiku Orthodoxy,” in Globalization and Cultural Identity / Translation, Pengxiang Chen and Terence Russell, eds. Occasional Papers Series 1, Fo Guang University and University of Manitoba, 2010: 157-65.

“Resisting Globalization in Taiwan: Integrated World Capital and the Poetry of Jiao Tong.” The Eco-Humanist 4, 2010: 1-24.

“Critical High Camp: The Political Dimension in Ashbery’s A Worldly Country,” Foreign Literature Studies 33(1), February 2011: 71-84.

“Nativist Legacies of Desinicization and Nationalist Sentiment in Poetry during the Second Sino-Japanese War,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 12(1), March 2011: 43-61.

“Japanese Imperialism and Poetic Matrices: Conventional Projections of Nature and Labor in Early Colonial Taiwan,” Archiv Orientalni / Oriental Archive: Journal of African and Asian Studies 79(3), 2011: 331-355.

“Globalization and the Portable Poetic Matrix in Tawara Machi’s Travelogues,” Critical Practice 28, 2011: 1-10.

“Pygmalion Colonialism: How to Become a Japanese Woman in Late Occupied Taiwan,” The Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 12(1), 2012: 41-63.

“Transversality and Imperial Affect: Situating Brian Turner’s Phantom Noise.” Parallax 18(4), 2012: 42-53.

“Cheerful Dissensus: Almighty Satirical Poetry Columns in Neoliberalist Japan,” Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 27(2) 2013: 228-241.

“Resisting Imperial Jouissance: The Transideological Line in Recent American Antiwar Poetry,” Canadian Review of American Studies/Revue canadienne d’etudes americaines 43(1) 2013: 1-22.

“Richard Wright’s Search for a Counter-Hegemonic Genre: The Anamorphic and Matrixial Potential of Haiku.” Textual Practice 28(6) 2014: 1077-1102.

Review of Anne Allison, Precarious Japan, Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 14(2) 2014: 279-82.

“Situating a Badiouian Anthropocene in Hagiwara’s Postnatural Poetry,” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, Thematic Issue New Work in Ecocriticism. Ed. Simon C. Estok and Murali Sivaramakrishnan, 16(4) December 2014: 1-9.

“Painterly Dialectics after Conceptual Art: The Works of Hsu Shi-fang,” in Primary Phases and Fields: Selected Works by Hsu Shi-fang (原相場域-許世芳作品集). Taichung: Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center (2015), p.2-3 (in English and Chinese translation). Chinese version reprinted in Arts In China (Nov. 2016).

“生態論述中的巴迪烏「改變」模式:福島核災川柳中的行動者與關係性/包德樂 (Badiouian Models of Change in Ecological Discourse: Actants and Relationality in Senryū on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster).” Translated by朱惠足Huei-chu Chu, in全球 生態論述與另類想像 Global Ecological Discourse Local Expressions. Edited by 朱惠足/ 貝格 泰/ 唐納‧菲利浦斯/ 編 Hueichu Chu/ Hannes Bergthaller/ Dana Phillips. Taipei: 書 林出版 Bookman Books (2016). Chapter four.

“Poetry Blogs and the Posthuman in Postcolonial Taiwan.” Tamkang Review 46.2 (June 2016): 135-59.

“Aesthetic Configurations and Qualia in Environmental Consciousness in Contemporary Taiwanese Poetry and Installation Art,” in Taiwanese Ecocriticism: Transnational Island Identities, edited by Chia-ju Chang and Scott Slovic. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016.

“Epistemological Opacity and a Queer Relational Jouissance,” Journal of Bisexuality, 2016. 16:4, 468-483.

“Affect and Intra-relational Finites in Jorie Graham’s Sea Change.” Neohelicon (forthcoming). “Beyond Nature Poetry: Post-Romantic Ecologies in the Anthropocene,” in John Corrigan

and Shun-liang Chao (eds.), Romantic Legacies (forthcoming).
“Nuclear Hegemony and Material Indices: The Satirical Verse Boom in Daily Newspapers

after Fukushima.” Mosaic (forthcoming/conditional acceptance).
“Kitagawa Fuyuhiko’s Anti-imperialist Dada and Traces of Colonial Monstrosity in

Manchuria.” Postcolonial Studies (forthcoming); and as a chapter in The Multiple Identities of the Postcolonial, Philip Darby, ed., (forthcoming).

Conference Papers and Guest Lectures

“Being Real: Transgressive Modalities in American Haiku by Richard Wright and John Ashbery.” Globalization and Cultural Translation/Identity International Conference, Foguang University, Jiaoshi, Taiwan. December 20, 2008.

“Aggressor Discourses: Japanese Poetry on the Second Sino-Japanese War and American Poetry on the Occupation of Iraq.” The Tenth Quadrennial International Conference on Comparative Literature, “Translating Risk: Literary Mediation in New Contexts.” Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan. May 29-30, 2009.

“Globalization and Exposition Strategies in the Poetry of Jiao Tong (焦桐) and Chen Kehua (陳克華).” 3rd International Conference on “Globalization” and Chinese Narrations. Asia University, Wufong, Taiwan. December 18-21, 2009.

“Empathy and the Capitalist Impasse in Recent Ecocritical Film and Television:
 Antichrist, Avatar, and Battlestar Galactica.” 2010 Nagasaki University and Tamkang University International Conference on Environmental Literature and Advanced Material. Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan. June 14th, 2010.

“Pygmalion Colonialism: How to Become a Japanese Woman According to the 1930s Japanese Newspapers in Taiwan,” The Fourteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan. Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. June 19 – 20, 2010. Part of a panel, “Japan’s Imperial Call on Women in the 1920s and 1930s,” organized by Helen J. S. Lee.

“Anamorphic Images of the Colonized: Roles of Traditional Poetic Matrices in Japanese Depictions of Taiwan,” Congress of the Nineteenth International Comparative Literature Association, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea, August 15- 21, 2010.

“Lines of Collaboration and Resistance: Taiwanese Poets in the New Year’s Day Poetry Pages

of Occupied Taiwan.” 2010 “How Much/Multiple/Minor is Literature?: Divergence and Convergence in the Global Cultural Production,” Fouguang University, Jiaoshi, Taiwan. December 3-4, 2010.

“Imperialization of the Landscape: The Prosthesis of Nature in Japanese Poetry in Colonial Taiwan.” The Fifth Tamkang International Conference on Ecological Discourse: Ecocriticism in Asia: Reorienting Modernity, Reclaiming Nature?” Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan. December 16-18, 2010.

“Anamorphic Images of Race in Richard Wright’s Haiku as Marxist Deterritorializations.” 2011 Annual Conference of the American Comparative Literature Association. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. March 31 – April 3, 2011.

“Deterritorializing Traditional Modes of Intertextuality in the Poetry of Globalized Japan.” The International Association for Philosophy and Literature. 35th anniversary IAPL conference. EAST | WEST deterritorialization negotiation glocalization Tainan National Cheng Kung University. 23 May 2011.

“Overcoming Neoliberal and Psychoanalytical Cultural Dominance: Ecologies of Place in John Ashbery’s Latest Poetry,” The First Cross-strait Ecological Literature Conference, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China. October 29-31, 2011.

“Richard Wright’s Haiku Read in Light of His Book Proposal for ‘Celebration of Life’,” National Association of African American Studies, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 16 February 2012.

“Richard Wright’s Obsession with Haiku: Variations Context of the Civil Rights Movement,” The Fourth East Asian Conference on Comparative Literature, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan, 10 March 2012.

“Current Events Satirical Verse as People’s Critique: The Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster,” The Second Cross-Strait Eco-Literature Conference, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, October 27-28, 2012.

“Political Trajectories and Spaces of Suffering in Richard Wright’s Haiku,” Aesthetics of Suffering international conference, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, November 23-24, 2012.

“Beyond Database Consumption: Recurring Images and Formative Multiplicities in Current Events Senryū Columns after Fukushima,” The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2013, Osaka City, Japan, May 24-26, 2013.

“Intertextuality and Agency in Badiou and Deleuze and Guattari,” The First International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference, Tamsui, Taiwan, May 31-June 2, 2013.

“Badiouian ‘Reinventions of Love’: Global Intertexts and Local Queer Poetry from America and Japan,” The Eleventh Quadrennial International Conference
on Comparative Literature, Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan, December 13-14, 2013.

“Postcolonial Intertexts and Affiliations in the Taiwan Man’yōshū,” The Fourth Asian Conference on Asian Studies 2014 (ACAS 2014), Osaka, Japan, May 29-1, 2014.

“Personal Narratives and the Intertextual Situating of Things in Taiwan Tanka Association Poetry,” Envisioning “Things”: An International Conference on Material Culture, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, October 16-18, 2014.

“Poetic Embodiment and Public Jouissance: Gender and Affect in Jorie Graham and C. D. Wright,” 22nd Annual Conference of the English and America Literature Association, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, November 1, 2014.

“Materiality, Intertextuality and Community in Contemporary Poetry: Examples from

Taiwan and North America.” Guest lecture. National Chiao Tung University. 19

November 2014.
“Flora, Fauna and the Materialization of Sadness and Fields of Sympathy in Hagiwara

Sakutarō’s Poetry and Aphorisms,” Unsettling Boundaries: Nature, Technology, Art. International Symposium on Literature and the Environment in East Asia (ISLE-EA), Meio University, Okinawa, Japan, November 22-23, 2014.

“Shifting Taiwanese Attitudes toward Japanese from Colonial Times to the Present in Poetry.” Guest lecture. National Sun Yat-sen University. 17 December 2014.

“Agential Realism and Postcolonial Ecocriticism: The Case of Pierre Guyotat’s Tomb for 500,000 Soldiers,” Speculative Materialism: Contexts and Paradigms for Ecological Engagement. Tamkang International Conference on Ecological Discourse, Tamsui, Taiwan, December 19-20, 2014.

“Informal Politics and Minor Literature: The Taiwan Tanka Association’s Poetry of Witness,” Taiwan: The View from the South, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, January 5–9, 2015.

“Long-distance Ecopoetic Entanglement: Taiwan Tanka Association Poetry after 3.11,” Ecocriticism in Japan (panel), American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 2015, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, US, March 26-29, 2015.

“Aesthetic Configurations of Qualia and Environmental Consciousness in Contemporary Taiwanese Poetry and Installation Art” (台灣詩與裝置藝術上的環保意識與審美配置). Fourteenth International Symposium on Literature and Aesthetics—Literary and Interdisciplinary Visions. Tamkang University, Chinese Literature Department. May 14, 2015.

“Stereotypes and Activist Jouissance in Queer Asian American Poetry: Bodily Orientations in Timothy Liu and Justin Chin.” Re-visioning Activism: The Fourth International Conference on Asian British and Asian American Literatures. Academia Sinica, Taipei. December 18-19, 2015.

“Poetry Blogs and Politics in Taiwan.” Modern Language Association Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas. January 10, 2016.

“The Ecological Futures of Star Trek Enterprise and Neocolonial Temporalities of the Early 2000s: Power, Containment, and Preemptive Strikes.” Sci-Fi and Planetary Healing Symposium, Tamkang University, Tamsui. November 12, 2016.

“Cybernetics, ‘Nature,’ and Poetry of the Anthropocene: A Comparative Approach.” Romantic Legacies Conference. National Chengchi University, Taipei. November 18, 2016.

“Posthuman Solitude in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Beyond 太空漫遊:後⼈人類孤獨.” Art Center. National Chiao Tung University. February 22, 2017.

“Non-Structural Coherence and Social Critique in Poetry and Performance from John Cage to Rodrigo Toscano” in the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 6-9, 2017.

“Catchy Subtractive Trauma: Musical Activist Strategies in Amiri Baraka and Jackson Mac Low.” Part of a panel, “‘Which Side are you on?’: Literature and Activism in America After 1870,” at the MMLA meeting themed “Art and Activism.” Cincinnati, Ohio. November 9-12, 2017.

Recent Research Grants

Ideological Uses of Traditional Poetic Forms in Japanese-language Newspapers during the Occupation of Taiwan, National Science Council, Taiwan, August 2008 – July 2009.

Competing Modes of Subjectivization: Situating Contemporary Historical Conflicts in Japanese Verse during the Occupation of Taiwan, Tamkang University, Taiwan, August 2010 – July 2011.

Anamorphic Images in Richard Wright’s Haiku: Ideological Landscapes at the End of Jim Crow, National Science Council, Taiwan, August 2010 – July 2012.

A People’s History of Natural Disasters in Senryū: From the Great Fire of Meiwa (1772) to the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011), National Science Council, Taiwan, August 2012 – July 2013.

The Postcolonial Poetics of the Taiwan Man’yōshū: Diverging Voices and Intertexts, National Science Council, Taiwan, August 2013 – July 2015.

Experimental Aesthetics in Contemporary Poet-Performance Artists: Reconfiguring Texts, Bodies, and Spaces in America and Taiwan, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, August 2016 – July 2017.


Research Papers:

Creative Works: