The Graduate Institute of Linguistics was launched in 2000. Our graduate program offers in-depth coursework and academic research opportunities that build on the foundational training in linguistics analyses offered in undergraduate programs. Our overarching goals are to continue to nurture students’ critical reasoning and linguistic competence beyond the undergraduate level and to empower future professionals to contribute to their chosen fields of expertise.

By bringing together theory and practice, The Graduate Institute of Linguistics places special emphasis on cultivating the critical thinking skills and analytic tools necessary for linguistic research. Our fields of research span an extensive range of subareas in linguistics including phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, and language acquisition. In addition, we pursue interdisciplinary research at the interfaces between phonetics and phonology and syntax and semantics.

Many of our graduates are currently pursuing their Ph.D. in Linguistics in North America on full scholarships.


Chen-sheng Liu Hsiu-Chen Liao Chi-Ming Louis Liu C. T. Tim Chou


Ho-hsien Pan Yu-an Lu Tsung-Lun Alan Wan

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