Assistant Professor
(03)571-2121 ext.58121
Humanities Bldg. 3, R412


Research Interests

♦ Sociophonetics ♦ Clinical phonetics ♦ Sociolinguistics ♦ Disability Studies ♦ Linguistic Anthropology


PhD in Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

MA in Language Studies, National University of Singapore

BS in Geography, National Taiwan University



2023/08- Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

2022/09-2023/07 Postdoctoral Researcher, Cross College Elite Program, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

2019/09-2022/08 Tutor, School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Science, University of Edinburgh


Awards and Fellowships

2018-2022 MOE overseas PhD scholarship, Taiwan



Journal articles

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2023). Topic-based variation as both cognitive and agentive: Identity politics, deaf speakers, and hearing researcher. Asia-Pacific Language Variation 9(1):1–28.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2022). Individual variation in performing read-aloud speech among deaf speakers. Linguistics Vanguard 8(1):291–303.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2022). Islands, geopolitics and language ideologies: Sociolinguistic differentiation between Taiwanese and Kinmenese Hokkien. Language & Communication 83:36–48.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan; Hall-Lew, Lauren; & Cowie, Claire (2022). Feeling disabled: Vowel quality and assistive hearing devices in embodying affect. Language in Society Online First:1–27.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2021). Sociolinguistics of pathologized speech: A case of deaf and hard-of-hearing speakers of Taiwan Mandarin. Journal of Sociolinguistics 25(3):438–52.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2021). Cochlear implants and performing hearingness: A sociolinguistic approach. 科技、醫療與社會 [Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology, and Medicine] 33:167–94. [in Mandarin]

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan & Cowie, Claire (2021). Conflicts between World Englishes: Online metalinguistic discourse about Singapore Colloquial English. English World-Wide 42(1):85–110.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2020). Language revitalization and perceived language shift: A case of Kinmenese Hokkien. Berliner China-Hefte – Chinese History and Society 51:107–22.

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2016). Transformation: Cyborg, Identity Negotiation and Spatiality of Hearing Disabled People in Taiwan. 地理學報 [Journal of Geographical Science] 81:1–26. [in Mandarin]

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2014). Different callings: The habitat metaphor, linguistic landscape and daily seeing in Taipei urban space. 環境與世界 [Environment and Worlds] 30:97–124. [in Mandarin]


Book chapters

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2021). Formulating (dis)ability: Discursive construction of cochlear implant satisfaction. In Jessica Nina Lester (ed.), Discursive Psychology and Disability, 169–97. Springer International Publishing.


Review articles

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2023). Review: Virdi (2020) Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures in History. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 科技、醫療與社會 [Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology, and Medicine] 36:57–66. [in Mandarin]

Wan, Tsung-Lun Alan (2019). Film review: The Gangster’s Daughter (2017). Asian Ethnicity 20(3):396–98.