We would like to invite you to our Brown Bag meeting with Dr. Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales (The Chinese University of Hong Kong). The specifics of the talk are as follows:

Time: 10/6 (Fri) 12:10pm (UTC+8)
Venue: HB207 (人社二館 207), NYCU
Title: Vowel system or vowel systems? Sociophonetic variation in the monophthongs of Manila Lánnang-uè (Philippine Hybrid Hokkien)” (online talk)

Abstract: Lánnang-uè, also known as Philippine (Hybrid) Hokkien, is a contact language employed by the Lannang community. The variety used in metropolitan Manila (henceforth, Lánnang-uè) primarily comprises elements from Hokkien, Tagalog/Filipino, and English. In this presentation, I will delve into the intricacies of Lánnang-uè, investigating it as a mixed language, and examine the linguistic and social factors that contribute to the variation within its monophthongs. (For a full description of the talk, please see here.)