Speaker: Dr. David M. Halperin (Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan)

Title: Foucault’s Queer Critique

Time: 9:30 AM, November 7 (Tuesday), 2023

Link: meet.google.com/jhb-vixv-ied

Critique has fallen out of favor lately among practitioners of queer theory. And yet Michel Foucault, who is sometimes thought to have inspired queer theory, was a student and a proponent of critique. In this talk, David M. Halperin examines Foucault’s late thinking about critique and its relation to his analysis of parrhēsia in Ancient Greek philosophy, particularly in the work of the Cynics. Foucault offers us a political model of critique that is in some respects more queer than the forms of so-called post-critique lately embraced by queer theory.

Please finish reading Foucault’s “What Is Critique?” before the talk. You may contact Prof. Chung-Hao Ku (chku@nycu.edu.tw) if you need a PDF file of the article.