We are delighted to resume our NYCU Phon Brown Bag meetings this semester. We are inviting speakers from overseas, and all the meetings will be held virtually.
Oct 15, Friday 12:10 pm, Kathleen Hall (UBC)
Nov 5, TBA, Anne Cutler (Western Sydney)
Nov 12, Friday 9:30 am, Jianjing Kuang (UPenn)
Nov 19, Friday 9:30 am, Lisa Davidson (NYU)
Our first speaker is Dr. Kathleen Hall (UBC), and please see the details of her talk below. We would like to keep a record of the participants, and please register for the meeting at the link below. We would appreciate it if you could finish registration before next Wed (Oct 13). We will send you a link to the online platform for the meeting once you register. Hope to see many of you at the event!

Speaker: Dr. Kathleen Hall (UBC)

Time: Oct 15, Friday 12:10 pm – 1:10 pm

Title: Testing “Message-Oriented” Phonology in the Signed Modality

Abstract: In this talk, I will explain the general principles of “Message-Oriented” phonology (MOP), in which language is situated as part of a communication system, and phonology arises at least in part due to pressures to communicate meaningful units both accurately and cost-effectively. I will consider the various predictions such an approach makes for phonological structures, and then show how those predictions can be usefully tested by comparing spoken to signed languages. In the course of that discussion, I will introduce some of the specific tools we have been developing at UBC to help facilitate such testing.