We are delighted to hold our last NYCU Brown Bag meeting with Dr.Jianjing Kuang (UPenn) on Dec 3. Please see the details of the talk below and register at the link that follows.

Speaker: Dr. Jianjing Kuang (UPenn)

Time: Dec 3, Friday 9:30 – 10:30 am

Title: Tone acquisition beyond f0

Abstract: Traditionally, tone is defined by a single dimension of the voice source: fundamental frequency, or F0. However, as demonstrated in my research, effective tone production and perception in fact integrates other articulatory and acoustic dimensions in the voice source (i.e. voice quality cues). Previous studies on tone acquisition and development mostly focus on f0 cues, and little is known how voice quality cues become integrated in the tone production and perception. In this talk, as the first step to answer this question, I will present evidence from computational modeling of tonal productions from Mandarin-speaking children and adults, showing that cue integration of f0 and voice quality cues in the tonal contrasts exhibits a developmental curve for Mandarin-speaking children. These findings support the multidimensional tone model proposed by Kuang (2013), and provide important new insights for tone acquisition. 

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1s8vkBtu5L_96_VI72kRTDwZZG8PH4WldsJ6wsTEoSek/edit